We are a fiduciary services company with no minimum trust size and no requirement to move your assets from your existing financial planner. We can act as a trustee, executor, power of attorney, or manager in many different situations. We work with financial advisors, planners, and accountants and provide an extra level of security and protection for your assets. We have a dedicated and experienced staff ready to help you!

​Lagniappe Fiduciary Services, LLC is wholly owned by Patricia N. Miramon, a Louisiana attorney with over 30 years of experience in estates, elder law, and guardianship. Patricia realized the need for a fiduciary service company that would not require investments to be moved from an existing financial advisor. Many of her clients did not have individuals that they knew or trusted to act in the role of power of attorney, executor, trustee, and other fiduciary services. Also, many clients wanted to set up trusts but did not meet the minimum asset size required by most banks and trust companies. Clients were also concerned about high fees charged for these type services. Lagniappe fills this need.